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The new Management Essentials combines the strengths of its two predecessors and improves the business simulation through numerous innovations. On the one hand, the beginner-friendly business simulation impresses with clear presentations of relevant key figures, a modern product, and a contemporary storyline. On the other hand, the continuously increasing complexity puts the participants’ entrepreneurial skills to the test. As a result, Management Essentials offers business administration newcomers an optimal introduction to the world of entrepreneurship.

In this article we will inform you about the learning goals, the further development, and the new scenario of Management Essentials. We will update the article regularly.

Important dates

Get an overview of the Management Essentials integration and release schedule, as well as key events such as webinars and transition training. Here you will find an overview of the timeline for the integration and release of Management Essentials, as well as important events such as webinars and transition trainings.

Management Essentials important dates

Please note: All listed trainings or webinars are held in German language. If you are interested in attending a webinar in English, please contact us at [email protected]

The beta phase of the German-language version of Management Essentials began on October 12, 2022 and ends on March 31, 2023. The English-language version will be available to licensees in mid-November.

TOPSIM – easyManagement simulations can be played until July 31, 2023. After this date, it will no longer be possible to calculate simulations of the TOPSIM – easyManagement scenario.

On August 1, 2023, TOPSIM – easyManagement will be replaced by Management Essentials – without any impact on existing licenses.

Information events

In our free webinar on November 10, we will inform you about the Management Essentials scenario, the special features and answer your questions. You can register at the following link: Management Essentials Webinar

A transition training session will be held on November 23, 2022. Click here to register.

New content

Management Essentials offers a variety of content enhancements to get newcomers to business administration excited about business fundamentals. The Participants take on the role of the management of a production company for innovative on-ear headphones. In addition to the new product, the narrative framework and the business news have also been modernized and present participants with exciting challenges. For example, participants start out in online retail and, as they progress, they also market their headphones in retail. They purchase their input materials from a supplier with quantity scales and have the option to sell their products to a bulk buyer. Management Essentials is rounded out by the scenario’s new balanced calibration, which enables many different strategies for success.

Technical innovations

On a technical level, seminar instructors and participants can expect many exclusive innovations in the TOPSIM – Cloud. For example, our new calculation engine ensures faster calculation times for the simulation periods. The brand-new dashboard also provides a compact overview of the company and highlights particularly relevant key figures through different chart types. The new display options have also been applied to the charts. In addition, the reports have been adapted to the needs of the target group. This ensures that the business simulation runs smoothly and also helps to avoid misunderstandings in the management of the company.

Management Essentials dashboard

What is Management Essentials all about?

In the role of the management, participants learn to make entrepreneurial decisions in the areas of production, sales, personnel, administration, and finance. The simulation is primarily designed to impart basic business knowledge and overall entrepreneurial interrelationships. During a seminar with Management Essentials, participants experience the basic principles of production management first-hand. They learn how to deal with market reports, gain insights into the value chain and practice making decisions as a team to succeed in competition with other teams.

Who is Management Essentials suitable for?

We have designed Management Essentials especially for beginners in business administration. The business simulation can therefore also be used for seminars with participants who have no significant prior knowledge of business administration. In addition, it is particularly suitable for introductory events at universities, basic business seminars or business simulation events at schools.

What are the learning objectives of Management Essentials?

The business simulation serves to train the basics of business administration:

Management Essentials: topics covered

The plot of the business simulation

Together, young entrepreneurs Sarah and Moritz founded a company and began producing and marketing their innovative on-ear headphones. They quickly established themselves on the market and now employ 36 people. Recently, Sarah decided to leave the company to take on new challenges. Moritz also announces that he wants to devote himself to other tasks in the future.

At this point in the plot, the participants enter the simulation. They slip into the role of the new management and assume full responsibility for all future strategic decisions of the company. They have the task of successfully leading the company through the coming years and ensuring growth and innovation.


TOPSIM Supports Equal Opportunities in Education

TOPSIM Supports Equal Opportunities in Education

Equal opportunities are a basic prerequisite for minimizing educational inequality. The non-profit organization addresses this social problem and helps children from non-academic families. For this reason, we are supporting again this year with our 2022 Christmas donation.

We look back on 40 years of TOPSIM!

We look back on 40 years of TOPSIM!

On the first of April, we at TOPSIM celebrate our 40th anniversary. We are using our round birthday as an opportunity to look back on our history and the many important experiences we have had as a team and in cooperation with our customers and partners.

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