New in the TOPSIM – Cloud: TOPSIM – Scale Up 1.0
Online learning

We are excited to share the latest TOPSIM developments with you: Our new strategy simulation TOPSIM – Scale Up 1.0 can now be played in the TOPSIM – Cloud. We have also prepared some updates and improvements in the TOPSIM – Cloud for you.

TOPSIM – Scale Up: Dealing with complexity in a VUCA environment

In TOPSIM – Scale Up, the players take on the management role of a traditional scooter manufacturer which wants to switch to electric mobility. The game focuses on the constantly current volatile market environment and demands a high level of concentration from all participants. Digitalization and globalization must be mastered with a future-proof strategy.

Learning objectives in TOPSIM – Scale Up

  • Dealing with disruptions and market volatility
  • Coping with complex decision-making situations
  • Establishing and scaling of a new business model

During the beta phase, the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences tested this business game with a group of international students.

Updates in the TOPSIM – Cloud

Send invitation mail interface - TOPSIM

Updated administration for the invitation emails to participants: invitations can now be sent immediately or manually at a later point in time.

Seminar ID TOPSIM Cloud

The seminar ID is displayed in the menu at the top of the instructors’ interface.

You can learn more details about the changes in the changelog available in the TOPSIM – Cloud.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! You can also contact us if you would like more information about our simulation games and how they can be integrated in the learning process.

Classroom Seminar with TOPSIM – Manufacturing Management at HFWI

Classroom Seminar with TOPSIM – Manufacturing Management at HFWI

At the KV Luzern University of Cooperative Education those who already have an education in business administration or computer science can attend the HFWI. 22 students participated in a classroom seminar with TOPSIM – Manufacturing Management. The simulation had an excellent learning effect, as it was a good mix of challenge and game.

Hacemos negocio – International Seminar with TOPSIM at DHBW Stuttgart

Hacemos negocio – International Seminar with TOPSIM at DHBW Stuttgart

Studying international business usually means gaining experience abroad. Unfortunately, Covid 19 changed the plans for the students at DHBW Stuttgart and their trip abroad in the fourth semester was cancelled. For this reason, the Center for Management Simulations organized a substitute for the international exchange and found it in a simulation-based seminar together with the Escuela Universitaria de Ingeniería Dual in northern Spain.