Independent virtual learning with TOPSIM on Demand – Business Challenge

We are happy to introduce you to our first product from our new business simulation series, TOPSIM on Demand. TOPSIM on Demand – Business Challenge enables independent learning about business and economics anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

What is TOPSIM on Demand  Business Challenge about?

In TOPSIM on Demand – Business Challenge, learners take on the role of a managing director of an innovative backpack manufacturer. In order to successfully sell the SmartBags, learners make strategic and operative decisions for the different departments, including R&D, finance, production, marketing, sales, human resources and administration.

What is the best way to apply TOPSIM on Demand – Business Challenge?

TOPSIM on Demand can be played in teams or learners can play individually against the computer-controlled competitors. The instructor can decide how many times a learner can repeat a round (4 periods) in the “Set Up Game” section. When the learner finishes making their decisions for a simulated financial year, they can calculate the game round themselves. This allows them to engage with business simulation at their own speed and independent of time and location.

Business Challenge
TOPSIM on Demand – Business Challenge

Throughout the game, the learner has a virtual consultant at their disposal who helps with the analysis of reports and the decision-making process. In addition, Business Challenge offers a technical onboarding which explains the platform in a gamified way. This reduces the amount of time needed for preparation and support, especially for larger groups.

The new ranking feature promotes increased competition by allowing the game-independent comparison of learners’ high scores. As a result, learners can compete with each other achieve the best result. This not only sparks their ambition to win but also leads the learners to continually apply what they have learned to improve their high score. Consequently, the ranking can be used as a valuable tool in the analysis of results or specific high score could be set as a goal the learner needs to reach as a prerequisite to take a test.

The possibilities for how to use the simulation are endless. It can also be applied as a regular activity throughout the semester or as a way to prepare for a test or as an admission requirement for a course.

Which learning goals are included in TOPSIM on Demand – Business Challenge?

This business simulation has a complexity level of one, making it an appropriate for bachelor students in the foundational courses of their business studies as well as for non-business degrees, and high school. It is also designed to be used as an introduction to business or to refresh skills. With Business Challenge the following fundamental skills will be trained:

Business Challenge

Would you like to learn more about TOPSIM on Demand – Business Challenge? You can download more information as a PDF and if you have further questions, we would love to hear from you over E-mail or phone!

Classroom Seminar with TOPSIM – Manufacturing Management at HFWI

Classroom Seminar with TOPSIM – Manufacturing Management at HFWI

At the KV Luzern University of Cooperative Education those who already have an education in business administration or computer science can attend the HFWI. 22 students participated in a classroom seminar with TOPSIM – Manufacturing Management. The simulation had an excellent learning effect, as it was a good mix of challenge and game.

Hacemos negocio – International Seminar with TOPSIM at DHBW Stuttgart

Hacemos negocio – International Seminar with TOPSIM at DHBW Stuttgart

Studying international business usually means gaining experience abroad. Unfortunately, Covid 19 changed the plans for the students at DHBW Stuttgart and their trip abroad in the fourth semester was cancelled. For this reason, the Center for Management Simulations organized a substitute for the international exchange and found it in a simulation-based seminar together with the Escuela Universitaria de Ingeniería Dual in northern Spain.