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Use our simulations for interdisciplinary teaching at universities, schools and educational institutions.

Your Advantages with Business Games from TOPSIM

Practice-oriented Teaching

Our portfolio includes 15 business simulations. Through the practical application of theoretical knowledge, TOPSIM simulations enable sustainable learning.

Digital Learning

With our simulation games you set innovative impulses in teaching and gain deeper insights into the learning behavior of your students.

Use in the TOPSIM - Cloud

The TOPSIM – Cloud creates more flexibility in the design and implementation, and participants can access the business simulation from anywhere.

Product Highlights

Our business games turn your seminar into an exciting experience! With TOPSIM you benefit from a proven methodology that generates sustainable learning success.

For Instructors

→ Innovative teaching concepts encourage the active participation and motivation of your seminar participants

→ TOPSIM – Cloud supports your evaluation with reports and diagrams for all teams and each game period

→ Individually adjustable features such as the planning tool and corrections make it easier for you to adjust to your target group

For Participants

→ Participants analyze the company and the competition on the basis of realistic data and thus apply their theoretical knowledge practically

→ Participants learn to make decisions under a certain level of stress

→ The business simulation requires working in a team and fosters soft skills

Get to Know Our Simulations

Our business game portfolio covers a wide range of industries, topics and complexity levels. Find the right business game for your seminar, from basic business courses to advanced master’s seminars.
Business Challenge Essentials

In Business Challenge Essentials, participants take on the role of the management of an innovative backpack manufacturer. During the course of the simulation, participants have access to a virtual advisor, who supports them with their decisions and provides evaluation reports. A ranking graph allows each participant or team to compare their success value with the competition.

Topics Covered:

  • Business administration terms and indicators
  • Entrepreneurial connections
  • Marketing basics
  • Human resource planning

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Mastering General Management

The competitive industry simulation game Mastering General Management is an advanced management simulation that depicts the complex interrelationships of a manufacturing medium-sized company in the manufacturing industry. When making decisions with setup complexity, the participants learn to deal with large amounts of information in a structured manner and to be able to assess the effects of their decisions.

Topics Covered:

  • Corporate management and development of the business units

  • Change of the product portfolio

  • Ecological production

  • Disruption of production

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Mastering Global Expansion

The management simulation Mastering Global Expansion depicts six economic regions with different framework conditions. Acting as the executive managers of a washing machine manufacturer, the participants initially work in their home region only. Soon the internationalisation activities of the companies take centre stage.

Topics Covered:

  • Mission statement (vision, mission and goals)
  • Decisions on expansion
  • International marketing mix
  • Strategic marketing

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Scale Up

Scale Up is a management simulation, in which a company with a long-term solid strategy in a traditional industry reaches its limits. As managing directors of a formerly successful manufacturer of scooters, the participants are facing the challenge to establish a newly developed generation of electric scooters in the market and at the same time develop a sustainable business model.

Topics Covered:

  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Business model innovation
  • Strategic business development
  • Strategic marketing

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Product Brochure

More information about our business simulations and their classification into different complexity levels can be found here.

Management Essentials

The strategic business simulation game Management Essentials simulates the business environment of a manufacturing company for innovative on-ear headphones. This simple management simulation gives users a basic understanding of management and the business environment. It is ideal for use at one-day events, in introductory classes at universities and in basic business seminars.

Topics Covered:

  • Business terms and key figures 
  • Marketing basics 
  • Evaluation of company data 
  • Team decision making

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Mastering Business Operations

The challenging business simulation Mastering Business Operations provides insights into the functioning of a medium-sized company in the manufacturing sector. The comprehensive simulation offers deep insights into the complexity of management and enables numerous seminar concepts in the area of controlling, financial and investment planning as well as in the area of value-oriented corporate management.

Topics Covered:

  • Complex financing planning

  • Dealing with high complexity, extreme information overload and massive time pressure

  • Detailed micromanagement in production

  • Investment and capacity utilization planning

  • Product development and diversification

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Business Management

The business game Business Management simulates a medium-sized bicycle manufacturer. The players act as the managers, aiming to achieve new growth in the business. They take the operational decisions for procurement, production, marketing and human resources, and must also demonstrate strategic management vision and set the best possible product-market combination for the manufacturing firm.

Topics Covered:

  • Fundamentals of strategic management
  • Marketing mix
  • Human resource planning
  • Cost type, cost centre and cost unit accounting

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Startup Essentials

The entrepreneurial business game Startup Essentials simulates establishing a company. Participants experience all phases of a typical start-up by founding and managing a surfboard manufacturer. This includes idea generation and development of a business model, creation of a business plan, negotiation for funding with investors and corporate management after the market entry.

Topics Covered:

  • Market analysis
  • Developing a business plan
  • Capital procurement (loans, venture capital)
  • Human resource planning and capacity utilisation

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What Are the Licensing Options?

Annual Licenses

You can use the product-based annual license if you want to use the business game several times a year.

Seminar Licenses

You have the possibility to purchase a license for a seminar if you want to use our business games only once.

Curious to Learn More?

Mastering Business Operations at the Hochschule Bremen

Mastering Business Operations at the Hochschule Bremen

Prof. Dr. Stephan Form from Hochschule Bremen plays our challenging management simulation Mastering Business Operations with bachelor students in the 7th semester. Before the students take over the management of a company, they evaluate data sets from previously completed “Mastering Business Operations” games using business intelligence tools.

Holistic Teaching with Mastering General Management at ISC Paris

Holistic Teaching with Mastering General Management at ISC Paris

Since 2011, playing our business simulation “Mastering General Management” has been an integral part of the studies for the MBA and Master students of ISC Paris. The goals of the seminar are to develop an understanding of the “big picture” and to promote communication skills in the team through playful application and specific assistance from the professor.

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