Mastering Digitalization with Scale Up

Scale Up

Due to the increasing effects of globalization and digitalization, companies are facing new challenges. Especially established companies with many years of experience have to rethink their strategic planning and develop new business models. The beta version of our new strategic business simulation Scale Up is available for testing in the TOPSIM – Cloud from May 11th until the end of July 2020.

What is Scale Up about?

In the business simulation Scale Up the participants act as managers of a former manufacturer of scooters. Due to the increasing influence of globalization and digitalization, they must develop a sustainable business model for new electric scooters. The previously successful business strategy must be revised accordingly and at the same time the production and sale of electric scooters must be implemented. In the business simulation, the participants learn to deal with disruptions and volatility in the market, complex decision-making situations and to scale a new business model.

What is the best way to apply Scale Up be?

The business simulation is intentionally kept short with 6 periods and has a strategic focus. In Scale Up the participants have to react in the best possible way to fast changes and large dynamics on the market.

The simulation is therefore particularly suitable for Master’s or advanced Bachelor’s degree courses in the field of economics. In addition, Scale Up can also be used effectively for (junior) managers, trainees and employees from all areas of the company.

Which learning goals are included in Scale Up?

The business simulation is used to train general knowledge of business administration and corporate management:

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Would you like to learn more about Scale Up? You can download the short description of the business simulation as a PDF here. Contact us for an opportunity to test the business simulation in your seminar for free!