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How We Can Support You

With business games from TOPSIM participants generate business understanding and develop knowledge for all areas of your company. Our gamified training program promotes sustainable learning and success for your team.

Employee Development

With the help of our management simulations, your employees develop the necessary skills to solve complex business and organizational issues.

Strategy Development

Our learning solutions enable you to run through your business future scenarios and thus gain valuable insights into customers, competitors and your own company. Your employees experience the associated measures realistically at an operational level and can develop a common understanding.

Digital Transformation

Through our simulations, you can interactively convey the transition from an analog to a digital business model as well as the challenges of this digitalized working world.


You can use our business games within the onboarding process of new team members and thus convey and promote entrepreneurial thinking and acting right from the start.

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More information about our business simulations and their classification into different complexity levels can be found here.

Leadership Development

In our business simulations, participants learn how to master complex challenges and train not only hard but also soft skills for dealing with employees.


Our business games offer you insights into the entrepreneurial skills of the participants and thus support the performance appraisal and selection process of your employees.

Employer Branding

Use our simulations for recruiting events. This not only helps you in your search for qualified personnel, but also strengthens your attractiveness as an employer.

Resilience Training

Participants play under realistic conditions. This means that they learn to make decisions under stress and time pressure. In this way, they generate resilience and gain the ability to master complex situations successfully.

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We’re happy to tell you more about how you can benefit from our gamified learning experiences.

Industry-specific Business Simulations

In addition to our standard product portfolio, we have developed several industry-specific simulations for our corporate customers in recent years. Contact us to learn more!

Industrial Manufacturing

The business simulation represents the car part manufacturing industry in the US market. Five companies compete in the marketplace and each has their own business model, strategic focus & competitive advantage. From a long established and traditional player to a startup – each team will be challenged to lead their company to success in a volatile, competitive environment.

Digital Insurance

In Digital Insurance, participants have to think about their company’s digitization strategy and how to handle sensitive data. The teams should consider the new smart lifestyle of the customers and assert themselves in the rapidly changing market with their innovative ideas.

Digital Banking

The business simulation represents the banking industry in the US market. Five companies compete in the marketplace and each has their own business model, strategic focus & competitive advantage. Every team will be challenged to lead their company to success in a volatile, competitive environment.

People Management

In this simulation game, participants take on the role of change management consultants and accompany the newly appointed head of a corporate department. The aim is to address employees individually through communication and measures, to inform and motivate them in order to increase their performance and to anchor the change sustainably.

Social Management

In the simulation, teams take over the management of a nursing home and have to make operational decisions and considers trends and challenges in order to remain competitive on the market. At the same time, they should take into account the needs of residents and caregivers.  

Healthcare Ecosystem

The simulation allows to take a helicopter view of the system in the US, its major elements and processes – and thus demonstrates the complex interactions between the key players. It highlights the difficulty of balancing individual vs. ecosystem interests and respective decision-making.

Ready to Experience TOPSIM?

We offer strategically challenging seminars and customized business game solutions – realistic, interactive, digital.

TOPSIM Corporate Solutions

You Facilitate the Simulation

You can license our simulations and conduct your seminars with your own trainers. In a train-the-trainer seminar, we teach you how to use the business simulation and help you to become a certified TOPSIM instructor so that you can design your own seminar individually.

TOPSIM Corporate Solutions

TOPSIM Facilitates the Simulation

Together we develop the seminar concept for your target group, from trainees to top management. We define goals, content and methods and bring the necessary practical relevance and expertise with our simulations. Thanks to our network of trainers, you have an expert at your side.

TOPSIM Corporate Solutions

Custom Simulation Development

We created more than 150 individual business simulations, from simple board games to computer-based management simulations. With our extensive experience, we develop a business game that is individually tailored to your needs. We focus on industry-specific processes and design the simulation according to your desired learning objectives.

TOPSIM Corporate Solutions

Digital Learning Solutions

Whether it’s explanatory videos, web-based trainings, mobile learning or immersive technologies such as VR, AR or MR – with innovative applications in digital teaching, you can train a large number of participants in a location-independent and targeted manner. We are happy to support you in finding the optimal learning solution for your company or educational institution

Training Formats

Our simulations can be used individually in classroom and online formats, in block seminars or as a competition. Get in touch with us to discuss your next simulation-based seminar!


0,5 – 2 days

Classroom learning

Focus on strategic measures


0,5 – 5 days as a block or week-by-week

Online, classroom or blended learning

For training initiatives


1 – 6 months, online

Single and/or multiplayer

Recruiting & employer branding

How do Participants Rate TOPSIM Business Games?


understand complex correlations better


would recommend simulation-based seminars


participation was a good investment of time


had fun during simulation-based seminars

Our Trainer Network

Curious to Learn More?

Mastering Global Expansion with trainM GmbH

Mastering Global Expansion with trainM GmbH

The trainM GmbH uses TOPSIM business simulations to train, educate and to further develop the abilities of the employees of various companies. With the help of our management simulation Mastering Global Expansion, they promote cooperation between different departments and give participants an overview of the overall business context.

Mastering General Management with NOSTA Group

Mastering General Management with NOSTA Group

The NOSTA Group is an internationally active logistics company that supports its customers in transport management, warehousing, and foreign expansion. Our management simulation Mastering General Management taught NOSTA Group trainees how complex management decisions can be.

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