Boost the Power of your talent: Organizational Development with TOPSIM – Business Simulations

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With our TOPSIM – Business Simulations you can address the central competences in the digital age. During the simulation, the participants learn how to think strategically, analyze complex facts and figures and make decisions within the team. What is special about TOPSIM – Business Simulations? In this post we will show you how you can develop you organization with our simulations.

How to use our TOPSIM simulations:

  • Onboarding: You want your newcomers to experience the challenges of your company in a realistic environment? With our simulations you establish a link between management theory and business practice to improve your participant’s learning ability already during onboarding and can integrate them faster into the company.
  • Team building: With the help of our management simulation you can strengthen the collaborations and networking in you company. During several rounds the employees need to make decisions in management and can learn new roles.
  • Assessment: Our management simulations provide informative insights in the entrepreneurial skills of the participants and thus support your performance assessment and selection process.
  • Employer Branding & Recruiting: Recruiting competitions help to identify high potentials for your business as well as strengthen the attractiveness of your company as a potential employer due to innovative recruiting techniques.
  • Leadership & performance: Today’s managers should be able to create a workspace which gives the employees the chance to make reasonable decisions fast. In our business simulations the participants learn how to master this complex challenge and how to assess the potential of individuals and groups effectively.
  • Skill Development: With the help of our management simulations your employees develop the necessary skills to to be able to solve complex business and organizational problems.

For a better overview we would like to show you two possible seminar:

Example Seminar 1: Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Every member of the organization is a valuable and essential contributor to the profitability and result – and to the future of the company. A general understanding of how business decisions affect performance and how the different departments within an organization play together can make the critical difference.

To ensure that concepts such as financial analysis, planning, forecasting and budgeting are understood, integrated and applicable, our program framework is based on very short knowledge units and maximum time in the simulation application.

With the participation in this programm the participants learn the understanding and interpretation of financial dates and how they impact business and company goals, as well as the making of better grounded business decisions.

Example Seminar 2: Strengthen Leadership Qualities

In a time when pressure for high performance is at an all-time high while the environment is more volatile and unpredictable than ever, leaders must learn to rely on intuition and leverage assets – their own and their teams.

Creating the right environment and context for individuals to thrive will make the critical difference for an organization. The simulation will allow participants to understand and identify strengths and weaknesses, to foster collaboration and high-performing teams, practice critical thinking and complex problem solving and understanding the dynamics of change management.

By attending this program, participants will be better equipped to demonstrate increased awareness of their leadership behaviors and style, their executive presence, communication, negotiation capabilities and their relation to the workplace. They develop competencies, soft skills and tools for enhanced situational leadership performance that will be immediately applicable in their day to day activities and grow and leverage their personal networks.

If you want to get more information about organizational development with TOPSIM Business Simulations, you can download our brochure right here. If you have more questions, we are looking forward to your e-mail or call!

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