Talent Development with Scale Up at dSPACE

Talent Development with Scale Up at dSPACE

As a global technology leader, dSPACE develops simulation and validation solutions for technology and mobility providers in the automotive, on- and off-road commercial vehicle, aerospace, and energy industries. In 2023, Claudia Schnittker, who joined dSPACE’s HR Development team in 2019, has integrated our TOPSIM business simulation Scale Up into an 18-month talent program. The program consists of six modules for the targeted training and development of ambitious employees and potential future managers. Our business simulation was used in the first module “Entrepreneurial Spirit”.

Goals of the Seminar

For the second time, dSPACE used a TOPSIM simulation for internal talent development. Potential candidates for future management positions from various locations in Germany, the USA, China, Japan and Croatia were able to apply and take part. The goal was to use the simulation to teach them business skills. The simulation focused not only on making key economic figures comprehensible, but also on promoting entrepreneurial thinking and action, as well as an understanding of strategic relationships. Participants were to gain insight into the management of a company and deal with decision-making under uncertainty. Our business simulation proved to be an appropriate complement. 

Scale Up was a good fit for the talent program because it presents a world that is consistent with our real business environment and addresses relevant challenges that we face. The focus on developing forward-looking business models and strategies was particularly well received. – Claudia Schnittker, Corporate HR Development (dSPACE GmbH)

Topics Covered Talent Development with Scale Up at dSPACE

Procedure of the Seminar

dSPACE used Scale Up over an eight-week period. The seminar was led by our experienced trainer Florian Gaspar and the entire seminar was held online via Microsoft Teams. At the beginning, a kick-off was held to prepare the participants for the content and technical aspects of the simulation. The participants were informed about the simulation process and introduced to the TOPSIM-Cloud. During a test period, the participants familiarized themselves with the simulation and its process.

Participants were offered e-learning units for further preparation. These included explanations of specific key figures relevant to the simulation. Participants also had the opportunity to read the Scale Up participant manual to get to know the storyline and the various decision areas.

Participants were then divided into six teams of five members each. To ensure a diverse composition of the teams, junior managers from different departments were asked to work together. This allowed the teams to benefit from each member’s specific area of expertise. They played four periods in which they had to continuously make decisions and adapt to rapidly changing market circumstances. During the seminar, the teams received theoretical input to prepare them for the decision-making process. Over the course of the seminar, each group made several presentations to share their strategy and to outline their next steps.

The theoretical units supported the decision-making process. The participants learned a lot and found the practical approach particularly helpful because they were able to apply what they had learned immediately. – Claudia Schnittker, Corporate HR Development (dSPACE GmbH)

Conclusion and Evaluation

The simulation concluded with a joint final period and a live online evaluation. The success of the companies was determined by the stock price, which served as the key performance indicator. This was followed by a reflection on the program and an award ceremony. All participating employees received a book on entrepreneurship as a prize. The winning team was also gifted dSPACE merchandise. 

We would like to thank dSPACE for the excellent cooperation and look forward to future joint projects!


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