Strategic Company Management with Mastering General Management

Mastering General Management

Mastering General Management is our most popular management simulation in which participants gain insights into the complex structures of a medium-sized manufacturing company. Through decision-making with increasing complexity, they learn to deal with large amounts of information in a structured way and to assess the scope of their decisions.

What is Mastering General Management?

The competitive industrial management game Mastering General Management depicts the complex structures of a manufacturing company. In the role of the management, participants learn to make strategic and operational decisions and gain an understanding of the connections between the various internal and external factors that influence the company’s success.

The analysis and control of the cost structure for different markets and products becomes increasingly important during the business game. Due to disruptions in production and the development and introduction of a new product, the focus of the business game is increasingly directed towards the areas of product portfolio conversion and ecological production.

How can Mastering General Management be used?

The extensive management simulation is suitable for numerous seminar concepts in the areas of controlling, financial and investment planning as well as in value-based corporate management. It can be used in classroom, blended or distance learning seminars with supervision by the instructor. Mastering General Management can be played in both 6 and 8 periods.

What is the learning content of Mastering General Management?

Mastering General Management trains the basics of value-based management:

Mastering General Management Topics Covered

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