Conquering Global Markets with TOPSIM – Going Global

Globalization is one of the greatest challenges of our time and international markets play an increasingly important role in our economy. In the management simulation TOPSIM – Going Global, the participants face the entrepreneurial challenges of global trade and learn what internationalization is all about. In this article, we have summarized what TOPSIM – Going Global has to offer.

What is TOPSIM – Going Global?


Course of game TOPSIM – Going Global

Step 1: Market selection

In the role of a washing machine manufacturer, each team is assigned to a different domestic region at the start of the simulation and has to adjust itself its company specific background. To do this, the participants have to deal with the following questions:

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of our company due to the domestic region?
  • What other markets are interesing for our company?

Step 2: Internationalization and form of market entry

First, the participants operate exclusively in their domestic region. As the simulation progresses, the focus shifts to the internationalization of corporate activity.

  • How can the exisiting market barriers be overcome?
  • How long in advance do we have to plan market entry?
  • Should we set up our own plant and sales or is it better to work with local cooperation partners?

Step 3: Market development

In order to become a successful global player, it is ultimately necessary to come up with a suitable market development strategy and incorporate it in the decisions. In addition to product quality, participants must also work on brand awareness and the corporate image of their company.

  • How can we increase our market share sustainably?
  • What requirements does the customer place on the product, for example with respect to ecology and technology?

How can TOPSIM – Going Global be used?

In TOPSIM – Going Global, the teams are active in several markets simultaneously and have to consider a variety of factors while making their decisions. Due to its high level of complexity, this business simulation is particularly suitable experienced participants with solid prior knowledge in the field of international business administration.

We recommend the use of TOPSIM – Going Global for advanced bachelor’s and master’s degree courses in business administration and for business engineering courses. The business simulation is also well suited for on-the-job training of executives and young executives from business and administration.

What is the learning content of TOPSIM – Going Global?

TOPSIM Going Global adresses extensive learning content from the field of international strategic management:

TOPSIM – Going Global Topics Covered

Would you like to learn more about TOPSIM – Going Global? You can download the short description of the business simulation as a PDF here. If you have any questions, we look forward to your email or call!

Classroom Seminar with TOPSIM – Manufacturing Management at HFWI

Classroom Seminar with TOPSIM – Manufacturing Management at HFWI

At the KV Luzern University of Cooperative Education those who already have an education in business administration or computer science can attend the HFWI. 22 students participated in a classroom seminar with TOPSIM – Manufacturing Management. The simulation had an excellent learning effect, as it was a good mix of challenge and game.

Hacemos negocio – International Seminar with TOPSIM at DHBW Stuttgart

Hacemos negocio – International Seminar with TOPSIM at DHBW Stuttgart

Studying international business usually means gaining experience abroad. Unfortunately, Covid 19 changed the plans for the students at DHBW Stuttgart and their trip abroad in the fourth semester was cancelled. For this reason, the Center for Management Simulations organized a substitute for the international exchange and found it in a simulation-based seminar together with the Escuela Universitaria de Ingeniería Dual in northern Spain.