Getting to know medium-sized businesses with Business Management

Small and medium-sized business are the backbone of our economy, as they account for a significant share of the EU’s export success. But the so-called SMEs are increasingly confronted with rising commodity prices and labour costs as well as increasing competition from low-wage countries. Innovative strength and the most advanced technologies are required to remain competitive. The competitive management simulation Business Management brings players face to face with the challenges of a medium-sized business on the international market.

What is Business Management?

The business simulation Business Management simulates a medium-sized bicycle manufacturer. The participants act as the managers and have to make business decisions in the areas of procurement, production, marketing and personnel. In addition to planning the operative business, it is also important to develop a long-term market strategy for your company.

Participants should ask themselves the following questions:

  • With which strategy should our company be active on the market?
  • What changes in the market can be seen from the economic forecast?
  • How many products can be sold at which price?
  • Does it make sense to use quantity scales for orders?
  • How should our products be developed further?
  • What sales policy measures must be taken?
  • Does the personnel planning fit with the other planning parameters?

Always right on time for the start of the semester, a slightly modified scenario with changed numbers and participant decisions awaits you in the TOPSIM – Cloud.

How can Business Management be used?

The management simulation is suitable for the use in universities and for training and education in companies. Businesses can use the management simulation to train employees and managers from commercial and technical areas. At universities we recommend the business simulations especially for courses in economics or engineering.

Business Management is also suitable for participants with limited previous knowledge of business administration. In this business simulation, the participants gain their first entrepreneurial experience and get to know medium-sized businesses better. The main focus is on analysing situations correctly and putting the gained knowledge into practice. The management simulation can therefore be used in the early stages of studies or training.

What is the learning content of Business Management?

Business Management trains the basics of business management in medium-sized companies:

TOPSIM – Manufacturing Management Topcis Covered

Would you like to learn more about Business Management? You can download the short description of the business simulation as PDF here. If you have any questions, we look forward to your email or call!

Mastering Business Operations at the Hochschule Bremen

Mastering Business Operations at the Hochschule Bremen

Prof. Dr. Stephan Form from Hochschule Bremen plays our challenging management simulation Mastering Business Operations with bachelor students in the 7th semester. Before the students take over the management of a company, they evaluate data sets from previously completed “Mastering Business Operations” games using business intelligence tools.

Holistic Teaching with Mastering General Management at ISC Paris

Holistic Teaching with Mastering General Management at ISC Paris

Since 2011, playing our business simulation “Mastering General Management” has been an integral part of the studies for the MBA and Master students of ISC Paris. The goals of the seminar are to develop an understanding of the “big picture” and to promote communication skills in the team through playful application and specific assistance from the professor.