Stay Safe and Learn with TOPSIM – Seminars

Our team is always here to support you for your employee training and organizational development initiatives – and to keep everyone safe and healthy. That is why we have developed the TOPSIM – Safety Concept for upcoming on-site seminars. In this article we would like to demonstrate how we can help you and your organization with our simulation-based seminars.

The advantage of conducting training initiatives and seminars with TOPSIM – Business Simulations is that they can be customized to your needs and specific learning and strategic goals. The business simulation creates a safe and risk-free environment in which participants can experience the effects of their decisions immediately, practice and reflect, and gain a deeper understanding of processes within the company, the industry sector or the larger marketplace. The very hands on and interactive learning experience is suitable and highly effective for a variety of areas and across target audience levels and learning outcomes. TOPSIM – Business Simulations can be used for recruitment, onboarding, performance assessment as well as for development of hard and soft skills, from business mechanics and operations to strategic leadership skills.

Stay Safe with TOPSIM Seminars

We have developed our safety concept for on-site seminars according to the latest recommendations and best practices of health organizations and government requirements. It is important for us to maintain a trustful relationship with our clients and we will work closely with you to find a suitable location for your training initiative, so we can together minimize the risk for all parties involved.

Our trainers will be enforcing the necessary protective measures during the seminar. Of course, we also rely on the help and compliance of all participants for all required safety measures, such as but not reduced to, avoiding physical contact, ensuring physical distance, washing and disinfecting hands regularly, wearing face masks and covering their nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing.

Why not try our Online Seminars?

We understand if you do not feel comfortable yet to resume in person training and development initiatives. The good news is, all our TOPSIM – seminars can be conducted fully virtually (online), with our web-based learning platform the TOPSIM – Cloud as well as webinar and virtual classroom technology.

The TOPSIM – Cloud is flexible, easy to navigate and allows participants and facilitators to connect from anywhere, anytime. In combination with tools such as Microsoft Teams, GotoTraining, Webex or Zoom, the learner experience will be engaging and dynamic, with group discussions, team exercises, presentations, and reflection. And it is totally safe. For more information about using online seminars and sample formats please download our brochure as a PDF file.

Online Seminars with TOPSIM

If you want to learn more about our TOPSIM seminars feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail.

Leadership Development through Business Simulations

Leadership Development through Business Simulations

Leadership development becomes more and more important as studies have proven that well trained leaders have a significant impact on a company’s success. This article illustrates why business simulations are especially effective when it comes to training (future) leaders and how TOPSIM – business games support your leadership development program.

Classroom Seminar with TOPSIM – Manufacturing Management at HFWI

Classroom Seminar with TOPSIM – Manufacturing Management at HFWI

At the KV Luzern University of Cooperative Education those who already have an education in business administration or computer science can attend the HFWI. 22 students participated in a classroom seminar with TOPSIM – Manufacturing Management. The simulation had an excellent learning effect, as it was a good mix of challenge and game.