Customized Management Simulations powered by TOPSIM

A business simulation that has been tailored and developed specially for you is the ideal tool for HR development within your organization – from onboarding of new employees to strategy seminars with your senior leadership. But how do we create a simulation that is perfectly tailored to your needs and goals? To answer this question, we have summarized the development process of our custom solutions for you.

What are customized management simulations?

As in our standard business simulations, participants take on the role of corporate management in a tailor-made management simulation. Initial situation, economic processes and connections are modeled using the real business model and economic situation of your company, industry or business segment. Both the company and its individual departments can be represented all the way down to specific processes, customer segments and roles. The participants thus find themselves in a highly realistic business environment and experience the day-to-day challenges first-hand. Very complex markets, disruptions as well as innovative strategies and initiatives can be experienced through the management simulation and key learnings extracted.

What can the simulations be used for?

Our individual learning solutions are used in a variety of ways in business and higher education, starting with recruiting and employer branding activities, training and continuous education of employees, up to performance assessment and customer loyalty measures. The options of a company-specific bespoke solution range from small adjustments of existing simulations to a fully customized new development. Depending on the expected learning and development objectives as well as the business goals of your organization, haptic business simulations, hybrid business simulations or computer-based management simulations can be considered.

How does the development process of bespoke simulations work?

Intensive communication and a trusting cooperation are crucial for the satisfactory outcome of the project. That is why we involve our customers in every step of the development process.

  • Project Launch Meeting: In this first conversation, we clarify the question of your specific training and organizational development needs. What ideas do you have regarding the mission concept? In what framework do you want to use the management simulation? Who is the target audience, what are the expected outcomes and what is the scope of the project (as well as the budget)?
  • Concept workshop and preparation of a specification: In the subsequent concept workshop, we work with you to design a rough structure and the basic content of the simulation. What specific learning goals do you pursue in this project? Which topics should the management simulation cover? Using the Business Model Canvas, we define the core aspects of your business. Using this as a starting point we develop a structure of the model as well as initial ideas for the story to be told in the management simulation.
  • Workshops: After we have created a specification, we identify the details of the model in a second workshop. Which key figures are particularly important for reporting? Which existing documents in reality should be mapped in the simulation?
  • Telephone Conferences: The next step is modeling and calculation, based on the model and interconnectivities established. If questions arise during this phase, we jump on a call with you. In the subsequent alpha test, we work out relevant causal relationships and store the corresponding impact curves and realistic data in the model. At the same time, the detailed cover story will be developed for the simulation and customized learning material will be created with and for you.
  • Alpha test of the model: In the next phase, the previously tested calculation model will be implemented. We finetune the cover story and finalize the documentation for your management simulation.
  • Development of the business simulation and beta test: Once the development phase is complete, we will perform a beta test of the simulation with you. At the same time, the effects and the cover story are checked thoroughly and, if necessary, additional details are incorporated.
  • Transfer of the simulation: Once the testing phase is successfully completed, your customized learning solution is ready to be rolled out. It is yours to use as you wish, but we will stay by your side – depending on your choice and our agreement – every step of the way during the rollout.

We are happy to help!

You think a custom management simulation might be right for your business? We will be happy to provide more information and answer all your questions on this topic. Please reach out by mail or call us.

Learning with TOPSIM instead of an internship

Learning with TOPSIM instead of an internship

The Department of Economics at Kiel University of Applied Sciences, represented by Ann-Christin Schweers, found an alternative for the internship together with the teachers of the Max Planck School: TOPSIM – easyManagement. With this business game, the eleventh grade students were able to get a realistic insight into business and its operations despite homeschooling.

Strategic Management with TOPSIM – Going Global in the Bavarian Alps

Strategic Management with TOPSIM – Going Global in the Bavarian Alps

Corporate management and decision making – as part of various seminars for students at Munich University of Applied Sciences (HM), professors Prof. Dr. Christian Greiner, Prof. Dr. Dominik Hammer and Prof. Dr. Thomas Peisl use TOPSIM – Going Global. In this article we explain why this seminar is conducted high up in the mountains.

Virtual seminar at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences

Virtual seminar at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences

The exchange with partner universities from all over the world is one of the highlights of studies for many students. Prof. Dr. Dietrich Darr from Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences uses a virtual business game seminar with TOPSIM.