Developing a Holistic Corporate Strategy with TOPSIM – Production & Services

The successful management of a company requires a good understanding of internal connections and the correlation of various influencing factors. In the business simulation TOPSIM – Production & Services, participants manage a medium-sized company and experience the typical challenges of the service and production market. In this article, we show you what is special about the business simulation and how you can use TOPSIM – Production & Services.

What ist TOPSIM – Production & Services?

The business simulation is based on the proven concept of TOPSIM General Management and simulates a medium-sized elevator manufacturer. Compared to our other business simulations, in this scenario, the company is not only active in the area of production, but also offers services in the form of maintenance contracts. These two business units (Production and Services) are interdependent and influence each other.

The participants take on the role of management and make entrepreneurial decisions in the domestic and foreign markets in the following areas: purchasing, sales, production, human resources, administration and finance. Through this, they learn to deal with large amounts of information and to derive a holistic corporate strategy.

How can TOPSIM – Production & Services be used?

The business simulation TOPSIM Production & Services can be played in the TOPSIM Cloud in a single-player and multiplayer mode. In the single-player option, a single participant or a group of participants play against computer-controlled opponents. The multiplayer mode can be used traditionally as an 8-period classroom or blended learning seminar in which participants compete directly against each other.

A special concept for TOPSIM Production & Services results from the combination of both modes. The single-player serves as an introduction to the scenario of the business simulation. After four periods you can then switch to the competition mode. The story builds on the previously played periods and allows a smooth transition.

We assign the management simulation to a medium complexity level. This makes it suitable for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in all fields of study as well as for (junior) managers from all areas of the company.

What is the learning content of TOPSIM – Production & Services?

TOPSIM Production & Services trains the basics of business management for medium-sized companies in the elevator industry:

Topics covered Production & Services

Would you like to learn more about TOPSIM Production & Services? You can download the short description of the business simulation as PDF here. If you have any questions, we look forward to your email or call!

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