TOPSIM – Scale Up: Beta-Test at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences

During summer semester 2020 bachelor students at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences had the chance to test the new strategy business simulation TOPSIM – Scale Up in the beta-phase. We talked to Thomas Temme who played the simulation with a group of international students.

What is TOPSIM – Scale Up about?

In TOPSIM – Scale Up participants act as managers of a former manufacturer of scooters. Due to the increasing influence of globalization and digitalization, they must develop a sustainable business model for new electric scooters. In 6 game periods participants should develop a long-term strategy for their business in a highly dynamic and changing market.

How was TOPSIM – Scale Up used at the Osnabrück University of Applied Science?

Osnabrück University of Applied Science used various TOPSIM – Business Simulations in the past. Now the newest simulation follows, TOPSIM – Scale Up. Thomas Temme tested the simulation with a group of international students, from Bachelor International Management as well as International Business and Management. Both of these subjects are studied in English, so the simulation-based seminar was also held completely in English.

The participating bachelor students were in the 4th or 5th semester – perfect time to use TOPSIM – Scale Up, which is suitable for higher bachelor semesters or master students because of its complexity. 4 teams played 5 periods of the simulation in three weeks alongside the lecture ‘Management Tools’. This lecture provides an introduction to strategic management and therefore fits perfect with a strategy-focused business simulation.

Because of the corona-pandemic, the lecture as well as the simulation took place completely remote. The groups organized themselves while Mr. Temme was in contact with them and advised participants in the decision phase. The evaluation was held via Zoom or on-demand videos explaining the most important numbers and facts about the past period. In the live sessions via Zoom the students could ask questions or Mr Temme explained some calculation models.

Benefits of TOPSIM – Scale Up

The new business simulation fits perfectly to the content of the bachelor courses and is an ideal addition to the theoretical lecture. The students should learn how to grow a business and how to lead it strategically and future-oriented. Which options do I have? Which can and will I use? How do I use them?

The simulation has a good grade of complexity, all participants were able to settle in quickly. The students showed a lot of enthusiasm during the game and were able to self-organize their work during distance learning. Because of the beta-phase of the simulation, the seminar was not graded.

We would like to thank Thomas Temme and the highly motivated participants for the successful cooperation!

Would you also like to use the strategy management simulation TOPSIM – Scale Up or do you need further information? We are looking forward to your message to or your call.

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