TOPSIM International: TOPSIM – Universal Banking at UCLL

The University College Leuven-Limburg (UCLL) uses the business simulation TOPSIM – Universal Banking every year as part of the International Week, in which participants face the challenge of making their medium-sized bank successful, taking the different risk factors associated with the credit market into account.

Infographic TOPSIM – Universal Banking at UCLL

How are TOPSIM – Seminars organized?

The UCLL is one of the major universities of applied sciences in Flanders with over 14,000 students and 9 campuses. Once a year the International Week takes place at the UCLL. In this week international students with a focus on finance and insurance have the opportunity to gain realistic insight in Banking Management with the business simulation TOPSIM – Universal Banking. In four days the students are playing four rounds of the business simulation while also attending exciting talks from guest lecturers for topics like finance and insurance. In addition to the simulation, they get the chance to train their soft skills and communication while doing sports or getting to know Leuven together. On the last day, the teams give a presentation and answer questions on their company and strategy. These tasks play a major role in determining the winner.

Why does TOPSIM – Universal Banking fit so well with the learning objectives?

The International Week of UCLL brings together students from different countries with different knowledge who have all chosen the subject ‘Banking and Finance’. In the competitive management simulation TOPSIM – Universal Banking they get to know the internal and external conditions for business success in a dynamic competitive environment. They learn, for example, how to understand and assess bank-specific indicators and how to compare and select financing options in the light of regulatory requirements. The special thing about this concept is, that the participants can profit from the different experiences and opinions of their team members and at the same time also improve their soft skills. The business simulation TOPSIM – Universal Banking effectively teaches how theory and practice relate and therefore is a great asset for international students.

We would like to thank Siem de Ruijter from the University College Leuven-Limburg for sharing his experience with TOPSIM  Universal Banking.

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