Video: Sustainable Learning with TOPSIM – Business Simulations

In our business simulations, participants take on the role of the management board of a company (as individuals or as teams). They have to make decisions and face typical business, management and strategy issues under time pressure. In this article, learn why business simulations are so effective at train the key skills for the digital age.

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How can TOPSIM – Business Simulations help you and your organization?

  • Entrepreneurial thinking: In business simulations, participants learn to use business methods and information resources and to deal with the uncertainty in decision-making. The interactive learning method promotes entrepreneurial thinking and acting of the participants.
  • Strategy Communication: With the aid of our business simulations, your employees gain a common understanding of the strategy by realistically experiencing it at an operational level. In this way, they develop a deeper understanding of your company together. Management simulations are therefore ideally suited to address complex topics such as change processes.
  • Assessment and Recruiting: Selecting high potentials is as important as it is difficult. Our management simulations provide you with eye-opening insights into the skills and competencies of the participants, thereby supporting your performance assessment and selection process.
  • Simulation of future trends: In business simulations, complex business processes are simulated realistically. Companies can experience different future scenarios and gain valuable insights into customers, competitions and their own operations.

If you wish to hear more about how TOPSIM can support your (online) learning and training initiatives, do not hesitate to join our free webinar on April 21st:

Holistic Teaching with Mastering General Management at ISC Paris

Holistic Teaching with Mastering General Management at ISC Paris

Since 2011, playing our business simulation “Mastering General Management” has been an integral part of the studies for the MBA and Master students of ISC Paris. The goals of the seminar are to develop an understanding of the “big picture” and to promote communication skills in the team through playful application and specific assistance from the professor.