Challenges of Successful Leadership: How Business Simulations Can Support Managers

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Digitalization and changes at the workplace pose numerous challenges in the day-to-day work of today’s managers, who are faced with increasingly complex requirements. In this blog article, we present how TOPSIM – Business Simulations can help you cope with these challenges.

What are the challenges that managers are facing?

1. Talent identification

To begin with, the topic of talent management is becoming increasingly important. The goal is to find qualified employees, to deploy them correctly and to retain them long term. The identification of new talents and potential employees is thereby especially crucial. This is also confirmed by a McKinsey study, according to which high-performing talents are up to eight times more productive than average employees. However, particularly these talents are rare.1 The Talent Management Study by Kienbaum therefore recommends finding new ways of identifying talents and keeping them in focus even after the acquisition.2

2. Employee motivation

This leads to the second important challenge for managers: keeping existing employees motivated. An Oracle study showed that only one in four Germans is motivated at work. Managers have to be able to inspire employees’ enthusiasm and empower them to initiative. The study highlights several advantages of motivated employees: more commitment, creative ideas and thus more sustainable growth for the company.3 There are numerous theories as to what motivates employees. From Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to the latest studies that show that factors such as an interesting area of work and a good working atmosphere are more important than salary.4

3. Employee – role compatibility

For this reason, is is particularly important that employees occupy suitable positions. According to Manpower Group’s ”Right Person, Wrong Role”, one in five people is in the wrong job. In order to avoid this, core competencies of the employees should be identified and assessed regularly against the requirements of the job description.5

The fact that there are currently five generations with different expectations and preferences in today’s workforce makes this challenge even more difficult. The task of managers is therefore to come up possible solutions for the above mentioned that can be used for the different target groups.6

How can business simulations help with these challenges?

On the one hand, the TOPSIM – Business Simulations can help to identify talent, since they offer a new opportunity to test the skills of potential candidates in a realistic environment. This means that the company can easily and safely the right candidate from the bulk of applicants. In addition to recruiting-cups, for external applicants, the TOPSIM – Business Simulations can also be used for the training of exisiting employees. For example, you could steer your employees’ behaviour in a certain direction and trigger motivation by introducing them to the processes of the company, while also developing their understanding of management level decisions. Finally, the TOPSIM – Business Simulations are also a helpful tool for identifying and evaluating the core competencies of employees, thanks to the simulation of real-life corporate situations. This means that new and existing talents can be optimally assigned to positions that are most suitable to them.

The TOPSIM – Business Simulations are so effective because they adress various competencies from the following areas.7TOPSIM Leadership Development

By adressing differen competencies, our TOPSIM – Business Simulations can be used to facilitate seminars for all audiences and across learning objectives. In our seminar brochure, you will find further information, as well as an example of a seminar to strengthen leadership skills.


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