Anveshan: HR Business Symposium with TOPSIM – People Management

The Indian National Level HR Business Symposium Anveshan is organized every year by HRiday – the HR Club of Goa Institute of Management. An integral part of the event is the Margdarshan contest, in which several teams face typical real life HR dilemmas in the management simulation TOPSIM – People Management. In this article, we have summarized the most important details about this customer project.

The challenges of the customer

Anveshan is one of India‘s biggest national level symposiums which includes interactive sessions by industry experts, skill development workshops, a national level HR case study competition, a national level online HR quiz competition and an industry student mentorship simulation competition. The goal of the HR business symposium is to connect students to HR industry experts and to introduce teams to real life challenges by taking on the role of the change agent. Margdarshan, as one event under the umberella of Anveshan, is an industry mentorship program, in which an HR professional from the industry guides each team through a management simulation as they compete against each other. This is where our management simulation TOPSIM – People Management comes in, because it offers the perfect opportunity for the participants to develop their HR skills in a real life scenario.

Anveshan with TOPSIM – People Management

Our solution: TOPSIM – People Management

TOPSIM – People Mangement focuses on leading a department through a period of change. In one day with the management simulation MBA-students with study-focus on HR from universities all over India get to know the dimensions, triggers and goals of change. In the role of a change agent, the participants learn to motivate and integrate the employees into the change process. The special thing about the management simulation TOPSIM – People Management is, that it adresses critical HR-topics such as managing different personalities, understanding team and relationship structures and building up an effective communication strategy.

Value for the client

This competitive change management simulation effectively teaches students how theory and practice are connected by placing them in charge of the change process and its success. Through the advanced management simulation TOPSIM – People Management the students learn to understand the importance of change and to react to it accordingly. Furthermore, they practice how to identify the key stakeholders and their influence and interests. They recognize the emotional reactions of the affected stakeholders, because they understand the natur of resistance. With the management simulation the students then learn to plan and derive targeted communication measures to effectively lead their team through change.

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Talent Development with Scale Up at dSPACE

Talent Development with Scale Up at dSPACE

As a global technology leader, dSPACE develops simulation and validation solutions for technology and mobility providers. In 2023, the company has integrated our TOPSIM business simulation Scale Up into an 18-month talent program. The program consists of six modules for the targeted training and development of potential future managers.

Mastering Global Expansion with trainM GmbH

Mastering Global Expansion with trainM GmbH

The trainM GmbH uses TOPSIM business simulations to train, educate and to further develop the abilities of the employees of various companies. With the help of our management simulation Mastering Global Expansion, they promote cooperation between different departments and give participants an overview of the overall business context.