TOPSIM Contributes to Equal Opportunities in Education

TOPSIM Is Committed to Fair Educational Opportunities

In Germany, there is an imbalance in the educational opportunities of children from different social backgrounds. This inequality is driven by parents’ educational attainment and income. Children whose parents do not have a university degree are less likely to attend high school, which affects their chances of higher education and later career opportunities.¹ The German Childrens Fund (Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk) supports children and families in breaking out of the vicious circle of poverty and lack of prospects and offers them equal opportunities for the future, regardless of their income. We at TOPSIM GmbH support the valuable work of the German Children’s Fund with our Christmas donation 2023!

The Commitment of the German Children’s Fund

For more than 50 years, the German Children’s Fund has been committed to promoting justice for children and improving the living conditions of children in Germany. The children’s rights organization supports nationwide projects in various areas. Among other things, donations are used to help refugee children and to fight child poverty and the resulting limited educational opportunities.

The organization provides families with financial assistance, which is often used for tutoring, weatherproof clothing, and participation in school trips.² The nonprofit also supports nutrition and media projects.³ With our donation, we are helping to reduce inequality and give financially disadvantaged children the opportunity to pursue higher education.

In 2022, the organization financially supported 9,396 children and their families as well as 551 children’s and youth projects in Germany. A detailed overview of the distribution of donations can be found in the 2022 Annual Report of the German Children’s Fund (Jahresbericht 2022).

Additional Information

Would you like to learn more about the German Children’s Fund or make a donation? You can find more information on their website.

Website Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk


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TOPSIM Supports Equal Opportunities in Education

TOPSIM Supports Equal Opportunities in Education

Equal opportunities are a basic prerequisite for minimizing educational inequality. The non-profit organization addresses this social problem and helps children from non-academic families. For this reason, we are supporting again this year with our 2022 Christmas donation.

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We look back on 40 years of TOPSIM!

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