TOPSIM Supports Equal Opportunities in Education

TOPSIM Supports Equal Opportunities in Education

Children and adolescents from families without academic experience often find it more difficult to get into higher education than children whose parents have already gained experience in academic fields. Equal opportunities are a basic requirement for minimizing this educational inequality. The non-profit organization addresses this social problem and helps students from non-academic families – at school, during their studies and when starting their careers. For this reason, we are supporting again this year with our 2022 Christmas donation. 

Equal Opportunities for Children From Non-academic Families

This year’s final report of the Stifterverband’s Hochschul-Bildungs-Report” (Higher Education Report) shows that more and more children from non-academic families are overcoming the hurdles of the educational path and pursuing an academic career. Nevertheless, the social background continues to have a significant impact on a child’s educational success. Only 27% of children from non-academic households enter higher education. By contrast, 79% of children with an academic background do so.¹

With their commitment, the volunteers of ensure that the educational path of young people depends less on the educational level of their parents and is shaped above all by individual talents. Around 6,000 mentors are already working for across Germany, advising and supporting schoolchildren, students and parents. In addition to on-site information events and digital counseling services, the non-profit organization also offers telephone counseling and its own social network, among other services, to facilitate access to education-related information.²

The Commitment of

During the 2021 pandemic, volunteers in Baden-Württemberg supported around 1,500 schoolchildren, students and families in personal and digital counseling sessions. They also visited countless schools and met over 20,000 people across Germany. The non-profit organization focusses primarily on personal support on site, although its online services are now also very popular.

With online events, for example, the mentors also reach people seeking advice from rural areas. Since March of this year, the nonprofit organization has received a one-year project funding by the State of Baden-Württemberg. This increases the reach of and ensures that they can now support even more people on their educational path!²

Further Information

You would like to learn more about or support them with your commitment, ideas or a donation? Find more information on their website and in this video.



¹ Meyer-Guckel, V., Hieronimus, S., Höfer, S. & McKinsey & Company (2022). Hochschul-Bildungs-Report 2020, Abschlussbericht 2022. Hochschulbildung in der Transformation: Ein Fazit nach zehn Jahren Bildungsinitiative. Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft. Die Keure.  

² Für alle, die als Erste in ihrer Familie studieren. (2022, 14. November). 

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