Rebranding and Relaunch – This changed on April 23rd

What is changing?

In this blog post, we provide information about the current changes and further development of our  

We have summarized our answers to your questions that we have received on this topic in the following FAQs

We will continuously publish updates and inform you about innovations, so that you are always up to date. 



FAQ – About the rebranding and relaunch of the TOPSIM Cloud  



Will there be any changes in content?  

  • With this update, apart from minor bug fixes, no changes in content will be made 
  • The tables in the reports will get a new clear design, but the reports will remain the same  
  • Information about upcoming updates and customizations can be found on our blog or by e-mail 


When will the documentation with the new product names be made available?  

  • The documentation will be available at least one week before the relaunch 
  • The biggest changes are the product names of the simulation games and a uniform design 
  • Except for the business simulation TOPSIM – easyManagement, which will be updated later this year 

Game Set Up  

Will games created before 04/23/2022 continue to run with the previous product names?  

  • Yes, games created before this date will be supported until 07/31/2022.  
  • The product names for these games will not be changed if the game is already created  
  • The game name you assigned is not affected by this change 

How long can games with the previous names be created? 

  • Games can only be created with the previous product names until 04/22/2022   
  • From 04/23/2022 games can only be created with the new product names  

Is it possible to create games for the upcoming semesters with the previous product name?  

  • No, games will not be supported with the previous product names after 07/31/2022. Until this date, games can be used without any problems 
  • We recommend to create these games from 04/23/2022 under the new product name  

How long can I still play my created games under the previous product name?  

  • You can play already created games with the previous product name until 07/31/2022 
  • From 08/01/2022 these games can no longer be calculated by the TOPSIM cloud and therefore can no longer be played 



Business Simulations – What changes for whom? 


Our simulations will get new names that are better aligned with the respective contents. To avoid confusion during the transition period, the previous simulation names will be displayed in the TOPSIM cloud and on the website in addition to the new names. The content of the simultions will not change. 

The following comparison shows an overview of the changes. 

Note: TOPSIM – easyManagement and TOPSIM – Startup will be renamed with the new updates later this year. 

Complexities and levels

We have created categories for mapping the complexities of our business simulations, which allow a quicker classification. 

In the TOPSIM – Business Acumen category, we classify all business simulations that focus on business skills, i.e., the combination of experience-based knowledge and skills. The aim is to weigh up business situations and make decisions based on information and experience in such a way that business objectives are achieved.  

Business games in the TOPSIM – Strategic Management category, have a higher level of complexity due to their additional strategic focus. Questions about the long-term goals of the company, the business areas to be pursued and measures in competition are the focus.  

The additional classification of the business games into levels, according to their degree of complexity, is intended to further facilitate the selection of the simulation game. Management games with a higher level of complexity are more demanding from the outset than those with a lower level of complexity.   

Level 1
Provides the basics of business economics and is aimed at beginners with basic knowledge.
Level 2
The business games in Level 2: Advanced build on the learning content of Level 1: Essentials. In addition, the course focuses on the implementation of competitive strategies for different products and markets. The complexity of the various business areas increases significantly, which is why the business games in this level are aimed at advanced learners.
Level 3
The third level is intended for experts with a sound knowledge of business administration. The contents of Level 1: Essentials and Level 2: Advanced are a necessity. Further learning objectives are the holistic description and solution of conflicting goals.



For the new names of the simulation games, all documentation of the materials accompanying the simulation will also be adapted and receive a new design. This refers to our seminar leader and participant manuals as well as the introductory presentations. The new versions will soon be available for download in the TOPSIM cloud.

The content of the documents will not change. 



TOPSIM – Cloud Relaunch  


We have been dreaming of a relaunch of our TOPSIM – Cloud for a long time and planned it intensively last year. On April 23rd, the time has come and a part of the TOPSIM portal will be published. This is characterized, among other things, by changes in the login area and the overview pages in the seminar leader interface. Maximum usability and a modern and fresh design are important factors for us. The following design templates give an impression of the new look of the TOPSIM portal. 

  1. Design Template – Login Cloud 

  1. Design Template – Seminar Leader Overview Page

  1. Design Template – Seminar Leader Settings

Development Details 

It is important to us that our TOPSIM - Cloud meets our own requirements and corresponds to our values. For this reason, we have decided to increasingly develop in-house and outsource less and less to external parties. Among other things, this allows us freedom in design, fast response times and maximum quality control.
When launching, the basic functions of the current login page will still be available. In the course of time further functions will be added. We will present information about the individual functions themselves in a timely manner in this blog post.
Our goal is to ensure that our TOPSIM portal meets the needs of our customers, because we develop for and with our customers. Therefore, we are happy to receive your feedback to


TOPSIM Contributes to Equal Opportunities in Education

TOPSIM Contributes to Equal Opportunities in Education

The German Children’s Fund supports children and families in breaking out of the vicious circle of poverty and lack of prospects and offers them equal opportunities for the future, regardless of their income. We at TOPSIM GmbH support the valuable work of the German Children’s Fund with our Christmas donation 2023!

TOPSIM Supports Equal Opportunities in Education

TOPSIM Supports Equal Opportunities in Education

Equal opportunities are a basic prerequisite for minimizing educational inequality. The non-profit organization addresses this social problem and helps children from non-academic families. For this reason, we are supporting again this year with our 2022 Christmas donation.

We look back on 40 years of TOPSIM!

We look back on 40 years of TOPSIM!

On the first of April, we at TOPSIM celebrate our 40th anniversary. We are using our round birthday as an opportunity to look back on our history and the many important experiences we have had as a team and in cooperation with our customers and partners.