Technology behind our Online Business Simulations


Whether seminars with 500 students or a training program for 10 employees, our TOPSIM – Cloud can be used individually for all audiences and across learning objectives. Of course, the performance of our cloud is crucial to the success of any simulation-based seminar and we continue to improve and develop the existing solutions. With our technical partner nodapo Software GmbH from Hamburg, we are able to provide users with a valid system at any time.

The advantages of a microservice architecture

Our TOPSIM – Cloud is built on a microservice architecture, which is used by the various business simulations. Based on the models we have developed, all calculations for the business simulations are used in a Java backend – the so called engines. In addition to the ABWL engine, there is also a merchant or a social engine. They enable us to create custom-fit business simulation scenarios for our customers.

In addition to the engines, there are a number of other microservices, each of which covers its own ‘area of responsibility’ and can be further developed independently of the rest of the components, but can also be scaled:

  • Response Curve Service: This service includes all response curves in the simulation.
  • Accounting Service: In addition to the actual calculations in the engine, accounting is provided via the Accounting Service. The accounting system is modularly structured so that as much as possible can be reused in the various simulations and only the allocation has to be changed. This allows us to optimize the development of new simulations.
  • Report Service: After calculating the values, the Report Service delivers the completed reports to the game interface.
  • Chart Service: The Chart Service generates the familiar graphical evaluation charts in the seminar instructor and participant interface from the pure data.

In addition, there are other technical services that together ensure secure and scalable operation. With our cloud, we have been able to support a large number of players in their learning concepts over the past years!

Cloud Infographic 2020

Why TOPSIM – Cloud?

The protection of your data is very important to us and we can guarantee this through our servers in Germany. As a seminar instructor, you can also use anonymous email addresses and thus also contribute to data protection. Moreover, no one has to deal with updates in the cloud, all business simulations are constantly kept up to date – for a flawless simulation experience.

Request a demo version for your university or company and get to know the TOPSIM – Cloud interface!

We are TOPSIM: Introducing our Team

We are TOPSIM: Introducing our Team

Since 1982, TOPSIM developed and implemented more than 150 simulations and conducted over 2,000 seminars around the world. TOPSIM GmbH is an expert in gamification and high-impact learning solutions and the market leader of management simulations in the German-speaking area. But who are the people...