Learning platform of the future: the TOPSIM – Cloud


Flexible, easy to use and always up to date: With the TOPSIM – Cloud simulation-based seminars become an unforgettable experience for both participants and the trainer. For about six years now our interactive business simulations have been available on our web-based learning platform. But what advantages does the online simulations offer? We have summarized the most important information, facts and figures for you in the following infographic.

TOPSIM Cloud Infographic

With the TOPSIM – Cloud, complex data transfer with the USB stick as well as time-consuming installations and updates are a thing of the past. Seminar instructors and business simulation participants can access the platform at any time with the device of their choice, regardless of their location. This allows you to use business simulation flexibly: whether in distance learning, face-to-face or blended learning seminars, the cloud offers numerous application options regardless of the number of participants in your event. The TOPSIM – Cloud provides you with all simulation-relevant information at a glance and always up to date.

The following business simulations are currently available in the TOPSIM – Cloud:

More than 110 universities are already using our learning platform. To learn more about different business simulations, go to our Website or contact us via email or call!

Holistic Teaching with Mastering General Management at ISC Paris

Holistic Teaching with Mastering General Management at ISC Paris

Since 2011, playing our business simulation “Mastering General Management” has been an integral part of the studies for the MBA and Master students of ISC Paris. The goals of the seminar are to develop an understanding of the “big picture” and to promote communication skills in the team through playful application and specific assistance from the professor.