Working from home? Tips and impressions from the TOPSIM Team

Due to the precautionary measures relating to the spread of the coronavirus, our TOPSIM team has been working from home. In this article we give a few tips on how the home office can also work for you and show impressions of our employees!

Here are three tips for working from home:

  • Set up a real office at home. Getting up and immediately picking up your laptop while working on the sofa is not a good idea. If possible, try finding a permanent workplace for you, ideally a quiet place with some privacy. In this way, you can separate work from private life better and also focus on the actual work – not on the series that run on TV.
  • Maintain your routine. Since the trip to work is no longer necessary, it is difficult to get used to everyday work at home. Get up at the same time as usual and stick to your routine. Very important: take a normal lunch break and also stick to your schedule! Unless otherwise agreed with the supervisor, you do not have to be available after your normal working hours.
  • Get rid of the distractions. Vacuuming or writing the grocery list should be avoided. Separate work and leisure time consistently, so you work more disciplined and use your working time efficiently!

Working from home at TOPSIM

In order to keep up to date in the team, we still meet for our weekly Jour Fixe – now via video conference. From now on, all customer appointments and trainings take place remotely. If you are interested, you can register for our free webinars and events here:

Our workplaces at home:

Get in touch!

We can still be reached via email [email protected] and [email protected].

For urgent support cases, you can reach us by phone: +49 7071 7942 13

If you have any questions about TOPSIM – Management Simulations, you can contact one of our simulation experts quickly and easily:

  • Fabian von Kleinsorgen, Sales: 07071 7942 22
  • Benjamin Höhl, Corporate Customer Sales: 07071 7942 33

Stay healthy!

Technology behind our Online Business Simulations

Technology behind our Online Business Simulations

Whether seminars with 500 students or a training program for 10 employees, our TOPSIM – Cloud can be used individually for all audiences and across learning objectives. Of course, the performance of our cloud is crucial to the success of any simulation-based seminar and we continue to improve and develop the existing solutions.

We are TOPSIM: Introducing our Team

We are TOPSIM: Introducing our Team

Since 1982, TOPSIM developed and implemented more than 150 simulations and conducted over 2,000 seminars around the world. TOPSIM GmbH is an expert in gamification and high-impact learning solutions and the market leader of management simulations in the German-speaking area. But who are the people...